Brand & Communications in the Creative Industries

Brand development

and communications

for the cultural





A clear strategy helps

determine where and how

you should invest your

marketing budget

You may want an overall strategy or you may be after a communications plan for a specific event – maybe you’re launching a new product.

There are a number of ways to get your message across, and it’s important to know which of these are right for your audience. For example, maybe your customers rely on recommendations from bloggers rather than national media.

We begin with your brand and other assets, like people and location. From here we use a mix of research, data analysis, budget planning and creative nous to develop a tailored communications strategy. One that lets key people see, hear and speak with you, so you can communicate with your audience rather than just sending them information.



You know your brand is more than a logo and your favourite font, of course, but can you put it into words? Just as importantly, do you know how other people would describe your brand?

If you’re just starting your marketing activities, we’ll develop a brand identity that’s true to your nature. Working together, we’ll outline what's at the core of your brand and its key messages.

Then our team will develop a visual identity (your logo, fonts, colours and other stylistic elements to use on websites, social media and physical materials). And tone of voice guidelines to reflect your brand character: how should you sound on your website and on your packaging?

If you’re further along in your development, we can work with you to align brand perception (how everyone else sees your brand) with your brand identity (how you want people to see it). As your brand evolves, these two elements can diverge.

We’re here to help you communicate the ideals and vision that led you to establish your brand. 

Talk to us about any problems you’re having with branding and what you’d like to achieve. We can run workshops with teams or work on a one to one basis. 

Working together, we’ll

outline what's at the core of

your brand, and your key





We’ll turn your strategy

into a reality

Once you’ve outlined a brand communications or campaign strategy, we’ll turn it into a reality.

We’re a small in-house team, which keeps our overheads low and means that we can be flexible with you. It does mean that we need to outsource work from time to time, but we’re upfront about that.   

We can recommend everyone we work with, from website developers to data visualisers. Not only can they fulfill a brief (and do it to budget), they’re also able to suggest solutions for problems outside their scope of work. In other words, we work with people who care about the overall picture.



One of the best ways to raise your profile is through campaigns and events. They’re also a great way to test the water with a short-term investment into your marketing.

We create striking campaigns, and can manage them or provide the framework for in-house staff to do so.

What do we mean by campaigns & events:

-       Competitions

-       Panel discussions

-       Press & influencer marketing

-       Experiential events

We’ve programmed events with record-breaking footfall, and our associates have produced events for The Poetry Society, Booktrust, ASDA, and the V&A.

Get in touch if you have a product to launch, or you want to run a campaign to raise your brand profile.   

Campaigns & events are

a great way to

raise your profile