Green Marketing

Whether you’re an SME, a Cultural Enterprise or something completely different, green marketing is likely to be central to what you do. We don’t just mean thinking green. Understanding how to think sustainably with measurable campaigns and a defined strategy, the positive impact a sustainable marketing approach can have in other areas of the business can be significant and most importantly, evidenced.

With creativity at the heart of your business, OLGA makes sure that this shines through in our work for you when applying sustainable marketing principles. So what can we offer you?



Whether it’s a campaign strategy you need or a broader sustainable marketing strategy for your organisation, we’ll work with you to decide who to target, what routes to take to get the best results and how to measure it all at the end. Depending on your needs, this can include:

  • Market definition

  • Channel identification

  • Campaign Length

  • Reporting Setup



OLGA can help you define a creative direction for your organisation with a new brand identity or adapting your existing identity to alternative campaigns.

  • Brand Identity

  • Creative campaigns (Gamification or interactive design)

  • Tone of Voice

  • Print materials (and how to resource sustainably)

  • Social media assets

  • PPC adverts

Grant Application Consultancy

Did you know we can also advise on and help you prepare the marketing and engagement sections of grant applications. Helping you to define content, budget and strategy for new projects.

Sound interesting?

Contact Lucy Pickford, our Business Director, to see how we can support you.