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We understand that museum marketing and heritage marketing can be difficult when there’s limited funding and deciding where to focus your activity can be tricky when you have limited time and resources.

However, marketing is still very necessary. It gets people through the door and engaging with your work keeping the heritage of the country alive. Why not look at campaigns as an alternative to long-term investment while you’re building up your resources?

Campaigns allow you to invest in a short, effective burst of marketing activity to test the water and build a set of resources that can be adapted for future use.

Here’s our breakdown of what to consider when focusing your museum marketing activities.

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We’ll work with you to decide who to target, what routes to take to get the best results and how to measure it all at the end.

  • Market definition

  • Channel identification

  • Campaign Length

  • Reporting Setup

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Museum Resources - Implementation doll.png


Next up, we’ll define a creative direction with you and apply your brand to all campaign materials. Incl:

  • Print materials

  • Creative alternatives (Gamification or interactive campaign design)

  • Social media assets

  • PPC adverts

  • Tone of Voice


We understand that you may have limited resources to run a campaign. As such we offer the facility to run it for you. Incl:

  • Custom reports

  • Ongoing campaign improvement

  • Responsive campaign work

BUT we can also set up your team with a toolkit to run the campaign in house.

Free Museums and Heritage Marketing Toolkit

We’ve building a tailored museums marketing resources toolkit to help you get started with marketing strategy, campaign strategy and design, and implementation of your marketing plans across the board.

Bringing together some of our favourite free resources and some of our own insights, we can help you to build your team’s resources without stretching the budget. Sign up to our mailing list to receive our toolkit. We’ll be adding new resources regularly so keep an eye on your inbox.

Grant Application Consultancy

Did you know we can also advise on, and help you prepare the marketing and engagement sections of grant applications. Helping you to define content, budget and strategy for new projects.

Sound interesting? Contact Lucy Pickford, our Business Director, to see how we can support you.